Italians know how to Cook, the Irish know how to Party! Italy’s Irish Wedding Band provide everything you need for your wedding day for all Nationalities that love good music. From the Ceremony Music, to Acoustic Aperitivi to electric after Dinner Reception Entertainment and DJ to mics and speakers for speeches and background music, to lights and even a native Irishman to answer all your queries, check out our authentic reviews for genuine positive feedback. We use state of the art sound equipment and we take pride in going beyond expectations to give you a unique night by adapting our show to our guests demographic as we play for all nationalities.


Q. Where are you based ?

We’re based in Desenzano in the north of Italy just off the A4 Autostrada near Lake Garda and not far from Lake Como, but we can travel anywhere in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovenia.

Q. How do I book the band ?

Please contact David on WhatsApp +393371691666 Message David, through our Contact Us page, or email info@italysirishweddingband.com

Q. Are all band members vaccinated ?

Yes, all individual band members have chosen to help protect their family, friends and community and #getvaccinated

Q. How long will replies take and can I be assured of a prompt response?

Yes, we understand that planning a wedding from abroad is not easy, David is our co-ordinator he speaks fluent Italian and is a proud Irishman and he will also be on stage on the night engaging the crowd.

Q. Is a booking fee required to book the band ?

Dates are not confirmed by the band until a booking fee has been received. For your peace of mind, due to the uncertainty with COVID and ongoing variants, if Italy places blanket restrictions on entry or gatherings that limit the feasibility of foreign Weddings, your booking fee will proactively be refunded in full without delay as we did in March 2020 for all our couples, see our Instagram post from back then for your peace of mind. Once confirmed by the client and subsequently the Band, the date is blocked and all future queries are declined. We do not double book or take any other engagements during the entire day.

Q. Can we meet before our wedding day ?

Yes, if you would like to meet beforehand we are based near Lake Garda. Alternatively we could have a zoom, skype or whatsapp video meeting regarding the set and details of the evening, free of charge.

Q. Can the band learn our favourite song ?

Yes we can, we require at least 4 months notice to arrange and learn the song, alternatively we can play the CD for you if you prefer.

Q. How long do you play for ?

We can play up to 2.5 hours main performance, we can also supply Live ceremony music and Aperitivi music depending on your budget. We also provide a DJ to keep the party going till late.

Q. You’re based in Lake Garda but can you travel ?

Yes we can of course, there is a small charge per kilometre which covers mileage and motorway fees for all 5 members, this will be outlined clearly.

Q. What is the SIAE license and how can it effect my Wedding ?

Italy is a fantastic place for a wedding, though one of the red-tape loops you will need to jump through to make it happen is the SIAE license fee, please do your homework on this it’s important for a smooth event. http://www.siae.it. To find out more read this handy FAQ,

http://www.musicaevento.it/siae-tax-wedding-italy/ courtesy of the good people at Musica Evento. The fee should be included in the venue hire and it is the responsibility of the venue owner or couple to pay the fee, we can help complete the documents for example we need to complete a song;it’s on the night for Royalties called the ‘Borderò’ but we take no responsibility for the final submission or payment.

Q. Can people join the band on stage ?

Yes absolutely! as long as they have the Couple’s permission on the night and ; owing to our expensive equipment and instruments, as long as they are not overly inebriated and a danger to members of the band, our expensive fear and themselves 🙂 “Drop the Mic” moments is strictly not cool, our gear including our mics is expensive state of the art stuff and would be damaged, we can supply an inflatable mic for any mic drops 😃 Please note also that due to COVID we do not share mics between ourselves nor with guests on stage. So guests should either bring their own mic or use our dedicated guest mic. For speeches we supply a radio mic which is disinfected after every event.

Q. Can the Band supply Church Music and a DJ ?

Yes, Disco Dave is our native Irish DJ, (big Motown fan) he will play a great mix on the night and song requests are welcome to get your guests engaged and any song can be played as long as we have good internet, you can also inform us of your “must play” list at the planning stage. Our “DJ only” service is available midweek aswell, and includes classy uplifting for the venue as an option. We can also recommend a female singer for the ceremony or you could combine the band and/or DJ service with our classically trained pianist or saxophonist.

BYODJ and get interactive : If you prefer, you can play your favourite Spotify or USB playlist, wirelessly, through Bluetooth and our state of the art sound equipment and lights.

For more information please contact David at :

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